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Charlie seems like a normal, modern guy, and up to now he didn’t even know about his amazing bloodline, which reaches back to the lost tribe of Benjamin. After the Benjamins defeated the Romans, they left Israel and wandered through northern Germany. Charlie is astonished to learn that his ancestors played a role in Charlemagne’s ascension, William the Conqueror’s rule over Normandy and England, and the founding of the American colonies.

But the family’s place in history isn’t just impressive—it’s otherworldly. Along the way, there was a dose of the divine from Poseidon himself, injecting powers of mythical proportion into the bloodline.


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ISBN-10: 0615629954
ISBN-13: 9780615629957


The author never understood until many years later that some people are born with extra senses. His sight differences would prove as an advantage to him in life, but to others it would be viewed as a tool, a special power, or to some as an unacceptable ability which should come under the control of the government or simply be destroyed if control could not be ascertained. In short, the author had to pretend all was normal to those around him, while always being silently vigilant to the government spies that tracked his every step…..and this is where his story begins. This story will take you through a maze of mystery and humor as seen through the eyes of author as a gift at birth sometimes proves to be anything but enjoyable.



America’s Last Gold Rush
ISBN-10: 0805962484
ISBN-13: 9780805962482


America’s Last Gold Rush is a comprehensive overview of the venture capital marketplace designed to familiarize entrepreneurs with the process of ensuring funding without losing either a large portion of the ownership or personal capital. This marketplace is one of the most aggressive and affluent in investment history, and individuals with knowledge of the ground rules and a keen sense of what investors are looking for have the potential of achieving stunning successes.


Penetrating the proper markets and motivating venture capital firms to secure funding depends on knowing how to present your ideas through an effective executive summary, business plan, and PowerPoint presentation. America’s Last Gold Rush specifically addresses these issues and prepares novice entrepreneurs with the tools needed to navigate this challenging marketplace.